Call for Contributors

You have the power to improve this podcast. We don’t have the means to pay for anything you submit, but there are plenty of other reasons why you should.
The internet is a marketplace of ideas, and there are lots of big vendors competing for attention. Amid all the clamor and bustle, this podcast is just a small child handing out flowers, but they’re the prettiest flowers around. Why not throw in your flowers, too? We’ll give you the exposure you deserve, or die have fun trying.

If discussions and stories are the podcast’s body, music is it’s shapely legs. There is music in every single episode, and if you send us your original tracks we can continue to do that. It’s one of, if not the most, important contribution anyone can make to help us out. Submit music in .wav format and follow the instructions below.

Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction We want original fiction and creative non-fiction of any length and genre. Some weeks we will call for stories containing specific themes that relate to our discussion topics. A submission can be of any length, but if it is longer than 5000 words, we will either break its reading up into multiple sections or record only a portion of it.

Be Part of the Reading
If you want to add a more personal touch to your story, you can send us your own recording of it in .wav format.

How to Submit

  • Email your story or stories to or send it to our Dropbox via this link (include your email address if you choose the latter option so that we may contact you). There may be a period of several days before we are able to respond to your email.

  • Include a name that we can credit your work to.

  • Include any information that will help us promote your art through our podcast. An example would be a link to a website you have published to.

There is no foreseeable submissions deadline, as we will continue to accept content as long our podcast exists, and, as everyone knows, octopi are immortal. When we accept a submission we’ll email the copyright holder or holders for the right to feature it in one of our episodes. For stories, we’ll also ask for the right to record a dramatic reading of the work. Our episodes are available for free and copyrighted under creative-commons, attribution, noncommercial, no derivatives license.

You can help us out here at Geometric Octopus simply by responding to our podcast. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, what we should do differently. Comment to say ‘hi’ or email us your detailed analysis of cosmicism. It’s up to you.